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sapa: Word: bukal
English Definition: (adj) open, wide-open (idiom) sincere, without hesitation
Examples: Bukal sa loob niya ang tumulong sa iba. (He is sincere in helping other people.)
Source: http://www.seasite.niu.edu/Tagalog/
Tagalog: sapa English: open, wide-open, sincere, without hesitation Edit
maláwak: adj. wide, expansive, spacious
Tagalog: malawak English: wide, expansive, spacious, open, vast Edit
malápad: Word: lapad
English Definition: (adj) /ma--/ wide
Source: http://www.seasite.niu.edu/Tagalog/
Tagalog: malapad English: wide Edit
malawak: wide
Tagalog: malawak English: wide Edit
lapad: Luwang
Tagalog: lapad English: wide Edit
iúnat: v. to spread out, streach out, or open out.
Tagalog: iunat English: spread, streatch, open Edit
buklát: open or turn to a page in a book.
Tagalog: buklat English: open, opened, turn Edit
bukás: open
Tagalog: bukas English: open Edit
buká: open
Tagalog: buka English: open Edit
aliwalas: Word: aliwalas
English Definition: 1) clarity, spaciousness (noun) 2) /ma-/ clear, spacious, open, well-ventilated (adj)
Source: http://www.seasite.niu.edu/Tagalog/
Tagalog: aliwalas English: clarity, spaciousness, clear, spacious, open, well-ventilated Edit
juksan: Word: juksan
English Definition: Tagalog slang (verb) for to open
L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) ibukas
Source: http://www.seasite.niu.edu/Tagalog/
Tagalog: juksan English: open Edit
dilat, dumilat, idilat: Word: dilat
Active Verb: dumilat
Passive Verb: idilat
English Definition: (verb) to open one's eyes, to raise one's eyelids
Examples: 1) Dumilat ka. (You open your eyes.) 2) Idilat mo ang mga mata mo. (Open your eyes.)
Source: http://www.seasite.niu.edu/Tagalog/
Tagalog: dilat, dumilat, idilat English: open Edit
nganga, ngumanga: Word: nganga
Active Verb: ngumanga
English Definition: (verb) to open one's mouth
Examples: Kailangan kang ngumanga para makita ng dentista ang ngipin mo. (You need to open your mouth so the dentist could look at your teeth.)
Source: http://www.seasite.niu.edu/Tagalog/
Tagalog: nganga, ngumanga English: open Edit
buka, bumuka, ibuka: Word: buka
Active Verb: bumuka
Passive Verb: ibuka
English Definition: 1) open (adj) 2) to open -- BUMUKA (verb) 3) to open something -- IBUKA (verb)
Examples: 1) Bumuka na ang buko. (The bud opened.) 2) Ibuka mo ang bibig mo. (Open your mouth.)
Source: http://www.seasite.niu.edu/Tagalog/
Tagalog: buka, bumuka, ibuka English: open Edit
bukás, magbukás, bumukás, ibukás, buksán: Word: bukas
Active Verb: magbukas; bumukas
Passive Verb: ibukas; buksan
English Definition: 1) to be opened -- BUMUKAS (verb) 3) to open something -- MAGBUKAS, IBUKAS, BUKSAN (verb)
Examples: 1) Bumukas ang pinto sa lakas ng hangin. (The door was opened because of the strong wind.) 2) Buksan mo ang bintana. (Open the window.)
Source: http://www.seasite.niu.edu/Tagalog/
Tagalog: bukas, magbukas, bumukas, ibukas, buksan English: opened, open Edit
hayag: adj. frank; open
Source: http://www.foreignword.com/
Tagalog: hayag English: frank, open Edit
bukás, walang takíp, walang tungtóng: adj. open.
Source: http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/20738
Originally published in 1915.
Tagalog: bukas, walang takip, walang tungtong English: open Edit
magbukás, alisan ng takíp, alisán ng tungtong: v. open.
Source: http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/20738
Originally published in 1915.
Tagalog: magbukas, alisan ng takip, alisan ng tungtong English: open Edit
bukas: Open the door.
Bumukas ka ang pinto.
Tagalog: bukas English: open Edit
were: were
Tagalog: were English: were Edit

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