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elDetRvsAOsdj: Actually, No words can express how much I want to thank you,Mr Ahmed ..Really amaizng facility, it made reading topics more interesting our website has become wonderful thanks to your great effort, Mr :DReally thanks a lot :D great effort I hope this website become the most awesome ever .:D
Tagalog: syqonhpjgxb English: tukayo Edit
GyoLQwmZMIudyDlCCVs: My Roget's International Thesaurus is one of my favorite books. I love it when I'm wriitng, but I also love it when I'm translating. Sometimes it's more useful than a dictionary. I know what that French word means; it's like X, but not quite And then my Roget's supplies me with that lovely Eureka! moment. Great post and you're absolutely right. The way the Roget's is organized is excellent.
Tagalog: syqonhpjgxb English: ktwzzbmyuunaw Edit

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