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sweldo, suweldo: pay or salary. Syn. kita, sahod
Tagalog: sweldo, suweldo English: pay, salary, wage Edit
CVIOlqQpqU: Keep it coming, wirters, this is good stuff.
Tagalog: sweldo English: ngndpoqtenelrsg Edit
sáhod, kíta, suwéldo: n. pay, salary, wages, earnings, sáhod, kíta, suwéldo (Sp. sueldo)
LA County MLS 2008
Tagalog: sahod, kita, suweldo English: pay, salary, wages, earnings Edit
sweldo: Kita-earn
Tagalog: sweldo English: salary Edit
sweldo: Sahod
Pay check
Tagalog: sweldo English: wage Edit

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