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ebak: Word: ebak
English Definition: Tagalog slang for feces, shit (syn) ECHAS
L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) tae, dumi
Source: http://www.seasite.niu.edu/Tagalog/
Tagalog: ebak English: feces, shit, crap Edit
tae: tae: feces (from Armando A.B. Regala www.geocities.com/Athens/Academy/4059/diction.html)
Tagalog: tae English: feces, crap, poop, shit, excreta Edit
ipot: shit
Tagalog: ipot English: shit Edit
yawa: shit
Tagalog: yawa English: shit Edit
shit: shit
Tagalog: shit English: shit Edit
( Expressions when get Mad ): -expressions
Tagalog: bwiset English: shit Edit
tae: human feces, animal feces,
Tagalog: tae English: shit, feces, stool Edit
jebs, jerbs, ebak, tae, ebs, pururot: feces.
Tagalog: jebs, jerbs, ebak, tae, ebs, pururot English: poo, crap, shit, manure, call of nature Edit
tae: malambot na tae kapag nasa puwet and tigas na tae
Tagalog: tae English: shit Edit
takla/tae/poohpooh: shit
Tagalog: takla/tae/poohpooh English: shit Edit
the shit of birds are dirty: the shit of birds are dirty
Tagalog: tae English: shit Edit
sasakyan; kasangkapan: n. rig.
Source: http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/20738
Originally published in 1915.
Tagalog: sasakyan, kasangkapan English: shit Edit
ihi: baby mo!
Tagalog: ihi English: shit Edit
tae: shit
Tagalog: tae English: shit Edit

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