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UQUd3DhHxS: As a child who did not grow up in ccruhh (seriously, never even went into a ccruhh until I was a teen!!!) I feel somewhat qualified to comment. From a very early age, I had a heightened sense of conscience, and just knew there was a God. (We didn't pray in school, but there was a Christmas program every year.) I felt His gentle tug on my heart as I considered His creation. Sunsets and rainbows held me in awe. I identified God in the stories I read and watched, from Horton hears a Who' to The Little Drummer Boy, and later A wrinkle in Time, I pieced together my own theology of God. If we had a Bible in the house, I never saw it, and was never exposed to it's Truth. Jesus Christ was not God/Savior, but regularly He was an expletive. It wasn't until I was about 9 or 10 that I met the man-Jesus. It would be several more years before I was a ccruhh-goer.Even after my mother determined that my sister and I would benefit from attending ccruhh, she held fast to her opinion that we make up our own minds. She did not want us blindly following anyone. She too, was trying to figure out her own faith, and it was convoluted at best. I longed for a teacher, and didn't get one (other than life,) until I was eighteen. Finally, I had someone wh would challenge my intellect and discipline as a Christian. (I still need that!) This brief exposure to a pastor who was solidly rooted in God's Word and interested in challenging the flock he was entrusted with brought me to the next level in my walk with the Lord. No longer did I flounder in my own power to know God and his will, I had been shown His Word. I am now certain that I will be held to a higher and higher standard as I learn and grow and am more exposed to His truth. How I wish searching His word was the passion of my heart everyday! Sadly, I pursue the feeling of God's prescence that I experienced as an ignorant child more than quenching my desire to know Him more through His Word. This is why I try to encourage my children to regular study and interest in the Bible, I want their childhood memories and training to spur them on when they are adults.
Tagalog: ita English: pygmy aborigine Edit
baluga: baluga: pygmy aborigine (from Armando A.B. Regala www.geocities.com/Athens/Academy/4059/diction.html)
Tagalog: baluga English: pygmy, aborigine Edit
aHQmnOYrPu7: first met Kelly and Joel with their awesome wedding cornoiratods, Aubyn and Mary Ann from Taylored Occasions. The four of them came to our house together for some wine,
Tagalog: pygmy aborigine English: cgiifcq43eat Edit

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