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pangálan, ngálan: n. name
Tagalog: pangalan, pangngalan, ngalan English: name Edit
pangngalan: noun
Tagalog: pang-ngalan, pangngalan English: noun Edit
pangngalan: pang-ngalan
Tagalog: pangngalan English: noun Edit
pangngalan: noun
Tagalog: pangngalan English: noun Edit
pangngalan: noun
Tagalog: pangngalan English: noun Edit
pangalan, alan, ngalan: n. name.
Source: http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/20738
Originally published in 1915.
Tagalog: pangalan, alan, ngalan English: name Edit
ngalan, tawag, pamagat, bansag: Hi Tincup! I'm using a Canon G11. Just a point and shoot camera that I can carry anyimte, anywhere. You should visit Asia someday. It's very diverse here culturally speaking. I'm currently uploading new sets of photos so I promise to attend to your comments in a while. Thank you for visiting Marilag's Journey If you have time, please like Marilag's Journey on Facebook as well. *Safe Travels!
Tagalog: ngalan, tawag, pamagat, bansag English: denomination Edit
POIStleqbVOWjoMbgX: First of all my english is not bad, it's just that it's to basic.Can you sueggst any books to read? A book that has good use of language and words to expand my vocabulary.What did you do to make your english writing good? ThanksAny kind of story, as long as it's interesting. A short story is nice, i get bored when something is long.
Tagalog: ngale English: xrlxglnaugtokacixsh Edit

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