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IhqEkAPuBDplT: Thank you for such a great overview! I can't wait until I get exaclty same one-in RED! The only thing I would wanna know is how is the page turning works. I've heard that it is a bit slow. Not like it is that important but I was hoping to see that.Also does anybody know´╗┐ if this pretty thing will support Russian language? THANK YOU!
Tagalog: wirgymtszfvumhxig English: ngale Edit
POIStleqbVOWjoMbgX: First of all my english is not bad, it's just that it's to basic.Can you sueggst any books to read? A book that has good use of language and words to expand my vocabulary.What did you do to make your english writing good? ThanksAny kind of story, as long as it's interesting. A short story is nice, i get bored when something is long.
Tagalog: ngale English: xrlxglnaugtokacixsh Edit

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