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Searching for: meang 'vryhi

a ko: me
Tagalog: ako English: me Edit
ako: me
Tagalog: ako English: me Edit
akala ko hold-uper na: me, i
Tagalog: akala ko hold-uper na English: me, i Edit
walang kwenta, walang halaga: wala akong kwenta at walang halaga
Tagalog: walang kwenta, walang halaga English: me Edit

Add the English word meang 'vryhi
Add the Tagalog word meang 'vryhi

English entries searched: meang 'vryhi, meang, 'vryhi, meing, mee, me
Tagalog entries searched: meang 'vryhi, meang, 'vryhi, mean, mea, meang 'vdyhi, me, meang 'vryhe, 'vryhe, meang 'vdyhe

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