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meaning: n. right, rights, karapatan, (Sp. derechos), The sovereign Philippino people have all the sovereign birth rights being the children of Yahweh with these rights being unalienable, while civil rights being inalienable, as granted by the Philippines Government are observed to be protected openly by the public servants / employees within their postal military zones.
n. Bill of Rights, Batas ng Karapatan ng Katauhan
LA County MLS 2009
Tagalog: meaning English: meaning of bill of rights Edit
meaning: chunk
Tagalog: meaning English: chunk Edit
meaning: ang tagalog sa meaning is kahulugan
Tagalog: meaning English: nearby Edit
SnKLAQizoPerOH: Apa Anda dah liat apa ada icon stardict di takabsr (bagian kiri bawah dekat jam), klo ada double klik aja.2. Jangan mengubah folder-folder stardict, karena dengan me rename nya saja besar kemungkinan dia tidak mau jalan.3. Klo tetep ga jalan, coba uninstall aja deh. Habis itu barulah di install lagi.Ok.
Tagalog: meaning English: fhvrtvkqmzywyx Edit

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