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Searching for: margarine

mantekilya: Word: mantekilya
English Definition: (noun) butter or margarine
Source: http://www.seasite.niu.edu/Tagalog/
Tagalog: mantekilya English: butter, margarine Edit
margarin: Word: margarin
English Definition: (noun) margarine
Source: http://www.seasite.niu.edu/Tagalog/
Tagalog: margarin English: margarine Edit

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English entries searched: margarine
Tagalog entries searched: margarine, madgarine, margadine, margare, madgare, margade, margarein, margarehin, margarin, margarhin, madgarein, madgarehin, madgarin, madgarhin, margadein, margadehin, margadin, margadhin, margareh, margareha, margarehe, margarehi, margareho, margarehu, margar, margara, margari, margaro, margaru, margarh, margarha, margarhe, margarhi, margarho, margarhu, madgareh, madgareha, madgarehe, madgarehi, madgareho, madgarehu, madgar, madgara, madgari, madgaro, madgaru, madgarh, madgarha, madgarhe, madgarhi, madgarho, madgarhu, margadeh, margadeha, margadehe, margadehi, margadeho, margadehu, margad, margada, margadi, margado, margadu, margadh, margadha, margadhe, margadhi, margadho, margadhu, rgarine, dgarine, rgadine, rgare, dgare, rgade, rgarein, margareen, rgarehin, margarehen, rgarin, margaren, rgarhin, margarhen, dgarein, madgareen, dgarehin, madgarehen, dgarin, madgaren, dgarhin, madgarhen, rgadein, margadeen, rgadehin, margadehen, rgadin, margaden, rgadhin, margadhen, rgareh, rgareha, rgarehe, rgarehi, rgareho, rgarehu, rgar, rgara, rgari, rgaro, rgaru, rgarh, rgarha, rgarhe, rgarhi, rgarho, rgarhu, dgareh, dgareha, dgarehe, dgarehi, dgareho, dgarehu, dgar, dgara, dgari, dgaro, dgaru, dgarh, dgarha, dgarhe, dgarhi, dgarho, dgarhu, rgadeh, rgadeha, rgadehe, rgadehi, rgadeho, rgadehu, rgad, rgada, rgadi, rgado, rgadu, rgadh, rgadha, rgadhe, rgadhi, rgadho, rgadhu, rgareen, rgarehen, rgaren, rgarhen, dgareen, dgarehen, dgaren, dgarhen, rgadeen, rgadehen, rgaden, rgadhen

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