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ang: art. the.
Source: http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/20738
Originally published in 1915.
Tagalog: ang English: the Edit
ang: Subject Article
Tagalog: ang English: the Edit
alin, ang: which
Tagalog: alin, ang English: which Edit
an: anallogy
Tagalog: an English: anallogy Edit
a: a
Tagalog: a English: a Edit
mqN2A8hU: That saves me. Thanks for being so selnebsi!
Tagalog: a English: it is a Edit
CHXE58RfS20l: Hey I stumbled upon your page by mistake when i searched Bing for this topic, I have to tell you your webpage is truly useful I also enjoy the design, its beuuaiftl!
Tagalog: a English: sudden recollection Edit
fJmyWR5rudJW: Yes, I often don’t think I’m good enough…but I think YOU are. I think that’s what we do; we think the person next to us is good enough, the person behind the blog we read, the pen0cr̷s;eto. You get the idea. How we get out of this cycle is the question at hand.By the way, I’m looking forward to reading your book! I’m shopping my first novel at the moment myself.
Tagalog: a English: xxx walpapar Edit
MeM3f67IJ: Hey, good to find soomene who agrees with me. GMTA.
Tagalog: a English: adasda Edit
ga: Same as "Ba", but used mainly used in Batangas.
Tagalog: ga English: question marker particle Edit
Tagalog: pantig la, na, ga English: Edit

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