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magúlang: n. parent.
Tagalog: magulang English: parent, father, mother, parents Edit
tatay, tay: father, see also ama
Tagalog: tatay, tay English: father Edit
tatang: tatang: father (from Armando A.B. Regala www.geocities.com/Athens/Academy/4059/diction.html)
Tagalog: tatang English: father Edit
itay: Word: itay
English Definition: (noun) father (term of address and reference)
Source: http://www.seasite.niu.edu/Tagalog/
Tagalog: itay English: father Edit
amá, magulang: n. father.
Source: http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/20738
Originally published in 1915.
Tagalog: ama, magulang English: father Edit
erpat: Word: erpat
English Definition: Tagalog slang for father, daddy, papa (syn) FADIR (from father)
L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) ama, tatay, itay
Source: http://www.seasite.niu.edu/Tagalog/
Tagalog: erpat English: father, daddy, papa, dad Edit
cagayan: father
Tagalog: cagayan English: father Edit
kuya: father
Tagalog: nanay English: father Edit
amá: father, see also tatay
Tagalog: ama English: father Edit

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