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kaniyá, kanyá: pron. To/for/at him, her (the sa version of siya).
Tagalog: kaniya, kanya English: him, her, to him, to her, his, he, she Edit
siya: pron. He, she (ang version)
Tagalog: siya, sya English: he, she, him, her Edit
siya (babae): pron. she.
Source: http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/20738
Originally published in 1915.
Tagalog: siya English: she Edit
DOjLstcRYLzLLTbVWW: I recommend using the video seiers Baby Signing Time, available from BabySigningTime.com. It shows the written word as well as the sign and it is done to great, catchy musical numbers. I\'ve used it with my now 18 month old daughter and she knows over 100 signs. It lessens a child\'s frustration because they are able to communicate
Tagalog: iiaovolshhtcdfr English: she Edit
niyá: weeeeeew
Tagalog: sayo English: he, she, him, his, her, hers Edit
shi: shi
Tagalog: shi English: Edit
kyhpJWzilMZVRCBoo: in ur case its rather blue ball….well, anyayws, theres no word for it (for female version i mean) – thats the point… wats a female chevalier called?!maybe next task on the gender-agenda AKA (a)gender
Tagalog: she English: ndcxknmludastbo Edit

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