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tahánan, tiráhan, direksiyón, adrés: n. address, tahanan, tirahan, direksiyon (Sp), adres (En)
v. address (an envelope or letter), lagyan ng direksiyon (ang liham)
LA County MLS 2008
Tagalog: tahanan, tirahan, direksiyon, adres English: address Edit
talumpati, diskurso, tirahan, tinitirhan, direksyon: 1. a speech or written statement, usually formal, directed to a particular group of persons: the President's address on the state of the economy.
a direction as to the intended recipient, written on or attached to a piece of mail.
the place or the name of the place where a person, organization, or the like is located or may be reached
Tagalog: talumpati, diskurso, tirahan, tinitirhan, direksyon English: abode, box number, direction, domicile, dwelling, headquarters, home, house, living quarters, location, lodging, number, place o Edit

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