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donselya: virgin
Tagalog: donselya English: virgin Edit
donselya: isang babaeng di pa nakakantot
Tagalog: donselya English: virgin Edit
adonis, sinoda: gwapo; matipuno, matikas, matiti, madilim, mala-uling, mahilig mag youjizz.com :">
supranational, stupendous, magnificent...animal, colorful, hexagon?..meh, boned by many - squirted too far, awesome
Tagalog: adonis, sinoda English: thoroughly, niggah, virgin, it's not butter, you don't have any pancake mix! Edit
donselya: Hindi pa nakakantot ang sarili, tigang, desperado, bastos at walang saplot na kamuning, babaeng walang nakakakantot o makakakantot habang buhay.
Tagalog: donselya English: virgin Edit
bebot: a young, sexy and attractive virgin.
Tagalog: bebot English: sexy, virgin Edit
birhen, dalagang wagás: Vpmq8B http://www.FyLitCl7Pf7kjQdDUOLQOuaxTXbj5iNG.com
Tagalog: lmlgqg English: virgin Edit
dalaga: n. unmarried woman, maiden, lass, virgin.
A woman that has hit puberty and is still an unmarried virgin. It usually is used in reference to a young lady but can also refer to an old lady as in the term matandang dalaga (old maid).
Tagalog: dalaga English: young woman, woman, virgin, lass, maiden, maid Edit

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