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tintura: Word: tintura
English Definition: (noun) tincture
Notes: Spanish
Source: http://www.seasite.niu.edu/Tagalog/
Tagalog: tintura English: tincture Edit

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English entries searched: tincture
Tagalog entries searched: tincture, tinctude, tcture, tctude, tcturein, tcturehin, tcturin, tcturhin, tctudein, tctudehin, tctudin, tctudhin, tctureh, tctureha, tcturehe, tcturehi, tctureho, tcturehu, tctur, tctura, tcturi, tcturo, tcturu, tcturh, tcturha, tcturhe, tcturhi, tcturho, tcturhu, tctudeh, tctudeha, tctudehe, tctudehi, tctudeho, tctudehu, tctud, tctuda, tctudi, tctudo, tctudu, tctudh, tctudha, tctudhe, tctudhi, tctudho, tctudhu, tctureen, tcturehen, tcturen, tcturhen, tctudeen, tctudehen, tctuden, tctudhen, tctor, tctorh, tctod, tctodh

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