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T'sînoy: n. describing a male citizen of the Republic of the Philippines of chinese heritage.
Etymology: Tsinoy is a combination of the the spanish word tsino, meaning chinese and the tagalog pinoy, which describes a male citizen of the Philippines.
see also:
Tsinay, Pinoy
Tagalog: tsinoy, pinoy English: chinese, filipino, chinese filipino Edit

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English entries searched: tsinoy, tsinoe, tsino
Tagalog entries searched: tsinoy, tsoy, tsoyin, tsoyhin, tsyin, tsyhin, tsoya, tsoye, tsoyi, tsoyo, tsoyu, tsoyh, tsoyha, tsoyhe, tsoyhi, tsoyho, tsoyhu, tsya, tsye, tsyi, tsyo, tsyu, tsyha, tsyhe, tsyhi, tsyho, tsyhu, tsoyen, tsoyhen, tsyen, tsyhen

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